Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brother Make Last Typewriter in UK

Last UK-Made Typewriter

A factory that made Brother typewriters has rolled the last product off their production line in the UK.

No other manufacturers of typewriters make their machines in this country now.

It is a sad era for those who love the typewriter.

It was not long ago when the last ever mechanical typewriter was made. Some manufacturers continued to make electronic typewriters.

Although Brother are still making electronic typewriters in Asia, it appears that very soon it could be the end of the line for this product altogether as many other companies have pulled out of the sector including Sharp and Canon. It remains unclear if Brother will sell the Asian made machines in the UK. Currently, they mainly sell to the American market.

Low Demand

The blame for the closure of this production line is due to low demand of the products. With desktop, laptop and now tablet computers available at low cost, typewriters have become a rare way to print text to paper.


PC Ink currently have two Brother models available for sale on our website. If you know someone who likes their typewriter, now might be the time to upgrade before stock runs low. This is especially true if you (or they) use a Sharp Fontwriter or Canon Starwriter typewriter since ribbons are no longer available for these relatively common machines.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Thinking of Selling Your Products Via Kelkoo?

Advertising with Kelkoo? Thinking of Selling Your Products Via Kelkoo?

How we discovered Kelkoo were charging us for clicks that never arrived on our website.

This information is provided with data from a live Kelkoo feed as of June 2012. It is useful to help you analyse other pay per click traffic sources and does not apply only to Kelkoo.

You Need to Know These Facts.

The Basics

Kelkoo is a shopping comparison site that charges the shops that advertise on their site an amount everytime someone clicks.

This sounds great in practice. It is how Google AdWords and Bing's advertising systems also work. You only pay when someone actually visits your website.

The Warning

Each month, Kelkoo will provide you with an invoice which will inform you of how many clicks you have had during the time period specified.

How do you know the number of clicks is correct? This is an issue we have recently discovered and have the evidence to show the number of clicks Kelkoo claim to be charging us for is vastly greater than the number of visitors that appeared on our website. How did we know?

Google Analytics

Step 1: Setting Up For Tracking Kelkoo

Many websites will have Google Analytics or another package to help them analyse the traffic they are receiving. If you don't have something to track traffic, you will need to install Google Analytics or another similar program onto your website.

Although Google Analytics is a great free resource, it does suffer from some limitations which you need to bypass to get accurate results.

A big limitation is that Kelkoo sell their results to other websites. Many people make the mistake of looking at Google Analytics and checking by referrer. This may show all the traffic that has come from Kelkoo directly but may not include other partners that Kelkoo may have. This will, of course, give you inaccurate statistics so we need to do something to get a much more accurate calculation.

The first thing we did was to create unique URL landing pages, just for Kelkoo. This will help you count the number of people who land on particular pages.

You will need to check that adding a variable, such as "?source=kelkootest" to the end of the URL actually works on your server. You can do this by simply typing into a web browser. If it fails, you will need to contact the webmaster and inform him of the new URLs. If you are the webmaster and there is an issue, check that your 'rewrite' rules allow for this parameter to be passed.

On your Kelkoo feed, change each and every URL to include the new parameter. In this case, by adding "?source=kelkootest" to every destination.

That is all you need to do!

Step 2: Actually Checking Kelkoo Statistics

In order to really check the statistics, you will need to visit Google Analytics once your URLs are updated and Kelkoo is forwarding customers to your new URLs. You will only be able to track Kelkoo clicks accurately from this point forward.

Because these URLs are unique to Kelkoo, I can count how many pageviews there have been. In order to do this you need to do the following:

  1. Ensure you set the date range to match the Kelkoo invoice.
  2. Select 'Content' on the left-hand side of the Google Analytics website.
  3. Click on 'Site Content' and then 'All Pages'
  4. This will show all the pages that have been visited in the timeframe. We need to filter just the Kelkoo ones now. You can do this if you enter into the search box (between the graph and the list of pages actually viewed) the extra part of the URL. So enter "source=kelkootest" (without the quotes).
  5. Now, you will see all the traffic Kelkoo has sent to you, no matter which website sent it to you - both Kelkoo and their partners.
  6. Because Kelkoo actually charge for each and every click, you will need to look at the higher number. There is "pageviews" and "unique pageviews". It is "pageviews" that we are interested in.
  7. Compare this to your invoice and the numbers should be similar. It could be expected that small discrepancies may occur but large discrepancies will indicate a serious issue.

Statistics From June 2012

Kelkoo Claim

The claim from Kelkoo is that we received 3,257 in June 2012 that they are trying to charge us for.

Google Analytics

Using the technique above, we clearly received only 2,019 clicks in the same time period.

Difference and Resolution

The different is 1,238. A massive amount of extra clicks being charged for that have never arrived onto our website. That is (if my maths is correct) a 38% overcharge. Over the months I have checked through 2012, it does average a little lower at an average overcharge of just over 32%.

A resolution by Kelkoo has not been found and no explanation offered as to why our method of calculating clicks is inaccurate.

We have asked for contact details for Richard Stables, the currently serving CEO of Kelkoo, so we can submit a formal complaint but have been refused by two members of staff.

I hope Richard manages to read this and can reply to us but please note that the reason this is on a public website instead of a private email is due to the refusal of your staff to provide an email address for yourself.

Low Kelkoo Traffic Quality and Conversion Rates

Another aspect you may wish to consider calculating from Analytics is the conversion rate that Kelkoo provide. This is the percentage of clicks that actually turn into sales. Kelkoo's conversation rate was exceptionally low compared to other sources, resulting in a low number of orders at an incredibly high cost.

Kelkoo staff have stated to me a number of times that it is their aim to 'drive traffic' to websites. This should not be the aim of any comparison shopping site. Their aim should be to drive customers who are looking to buy products to your website.

One way in which Kelkoo are happy to drive non-shoppers to your website is through a cashback company called QuidCo. The arrangement can be found at at QuidCo's Kelkoo page. It would seem that this is an arranged form of click fraud (PPC Fraud), permitted by Kelkoo. A deliberate attempt to get a number of people to click on items who are paid to do so. The clicker get 1p, Kelkoo (and possibly QuidCo) take some. The merchant who pays for all of this gets nothing but a visitor who is not interested in buying anything.

Resolution of Complaints

We are awaiting a resolution from Kelkoo.

Update: 25th Jan 2013 - Kelkoo have passed some unpaid invoices to a collection agency. Even though Kelkoo promised proof that the invoices were correct, they have failed to provide this. We have passed this information back to the credit collecting agency.

Are You Considering Selling Through Kelkoo?

Our advice is don't. We won't recommend it to any of our website clients and actively advise against. There are much better things you can do with your money.

Are You Being Overcharged? Have You Ever Checked?

I would love to hear comments from other companies that have been overcharged by Kelkoo, or any other shopping comparison website. Please comment if this has happened to you and how you discovered the discrepancies. Did you ever resolve the issue or did you just cancel the account? What happened to unpaid invoices or refunds? Let us know your experiences.
Legal References: Supply of Goods and Services Act (1982). Freedom of Expression under Article 10 of Human Rights Act 1998. Kelkoo staff names have not being mentioned with the exception of individuals already known publicly.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Special Offers

Special Offers

At PC Ink, we are bringing the best bargains to you that are available in the trade. With low prices on selected product lines - be sure to keep checking our website for amazing deals.

Brother A3 Multifunction Printer (Starting 29 Aug 2012)

There is an Ex-Demo Brother printer on offer on our website. This is an A3 printer with scanner, copier and fax machine all-in-one. It also has duplex (double-sided) printing. Just £78 including VAT and delivery. Be quick and order from the PC Ink website.

Xerox 6280V/DN Colour Laser Printer (Starting 10 Aug 2012)

We currently have limited stock on the Xerox 6280V/DN printer. This colour laser printer can connect to your router with a network cable or with a standard USB cable to your computer.

With a large input tray, you won't be refilling the paper every few pages and with cartridges that last 2,200 pages each (3,000 for the black), you won't be changing the toner every day either! (Page yields are estimates)

A fast speed of 30 pages per minute or 25 pages per minute in colour, you won't be waiting around for your print job to finish.

Amazing printer, amazing price. The Xerox 6280V/DN for just £312 including VAT (£260+VAT).

Be quick - limited stock at this price!

Visit our website for Printers.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Deliveries

Olympics and Deliveries

During the London Olympics we will try to deliver as many London orders as we can in the normal manner. Most couriers are going to attempt their routes if they can, if there is no restrictions.

Our main courier, FedEx, have arranged for 20 extra routes within the M25, plus 10 extra motorcycles, an extra 50 drivers mates and 8 foot couriers. They also state that the impact of the games will not be fully realised until the games begin.

Royal Mail

The Royal Mail have announced a delay on postal deliveries of a day longer than usual in postcode areas beginning with E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W and WC. Considering some postage charges have gone up 70% last month, you would think Royal Mail would be able to at least give a quality service but it appears not. There are couriers that are considering raising the price of delivery during the games to those postcode areas affected and we will have to wait to confirm exact details with CityLink, DPD and FedEx.

For more information see Royal Mail Warns of delays [BBC Website].

DPD (18th June 2012)

We have had an announcement from DPD Couriers that prices will go up for affected areas by around £2.40 per delivery, now confirmed at £1.95+VAT. Timed deliveries will not be guaranteed and items will arrive when they can get them there. This change will be between 25th July through to 8th September and will affect the most of the following postcode areas: DT1-5, E1-20, EC3-4, HA9, IG1-11, N1-22, NW1, NW8, NW10, RM8-20, SE1-18, SL0-6, SW3-7, SW13-15, TW1-8 including Heathrow, UB7, W1-14, WC1 and WC2. A few postcode areas may see business as usual such as EC4 and EC8 amongst a few others.


FedEx have not imposed any surcharges to deliveries, however they are another courier that will not guarantee timed deliveries will arrive within the normal guaranteed time.

Evening Delivery

We have heard that some couriers are considering evening deliveries for some areas. This hasn't been confirmed yet but it does sound sensible for some areas where access may be difficult or slow. You may need to consider that the timing of deliveries may not be suitable for your normal office working hours.

Express Delivery

We will not be able to guarantee Express Deliveries will be delivered next day to London or other affected zones during the events of both the Olympics and the Paralympics. They will be delivered as soon as possible.

Dates of the London Olympics

There are two events to be aware of:
  • London Olympics: 27 Jul 2012 to 12 Aug 2012
  • London Paralympics: 29 Aug 2012 to 9 Sep 2012
Note that deliveries and access may be restricted not just during the games but for several days before and after due to organisation of the event.

What London Companies Should Do Now

We recommend that all companies in the London and surrounding areas, as well as those out-of-London cities that may be hosting events, should ensure they have enough stock of everything they will need during the times that may be affected. Remember to stock up on enough paper, ink, staples, postage stamps and all the other products your business needs to run effectively. Do not forget the most important items to run a business: tea, coffee and biscuits!

Official Sites for London Olympics 2012

These are the official sites for the games:
London Olympics 2012 Main Site · London Paralympics 2012 Main Page

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Top Printer: Epson WP4545DTWF

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4545 DTWF Printer

Epson WP4545DTWF PrinterAt PC Ink, we have loved the new Epson WorkForce range of inkjet printers. There is one in particular that we like. It does everything!

Main Features

This printer has the following useful options:
  • Printer, Copier, Scanner & Fax machine in one unit
  • Connect via Network or by WiFi wireless
  • Double-sided printing without having to re-insert paper (Duplex)
  • Two input trays so you can have two types of paper/labels and select which to use when you print
  • Extra paper input which can take another 30 pieces of paper
  • High-speed at 26 pages per minute, you won't be waiting around
  • Takes many paper sizes including all the standard sized envelopes up to C4 (slightly larger than A4)
  • Print on card up to 256 g/m2
  • Works with Windows, Apple Mac and Linux


This printer has, at the time of writing, a free upgrade to a 3-year warranty and has been designed to print up to 20,000 pages per month. For most people, this will be more than enough peace of mind that your printer will be trouble free.

Save Money with Epson

These Epson printers can save you money with their large capacity ink cartridges. The Epson original black XL ink cartridge prints an estimates 2,400 pages which is a massive amount compared to many other inks.

Save In Other Ways

Using a small amount of electricity, just 4 watts in sleep mode and only 19 watts in copier mode, you may just be saving the environment.

Save space by replacing your old printer and fax machine with this amazing device. Possibly replace your copier too and you will have so much space, you won't know what to do with it!

Buy This Printer Today

We deliver in the UK and if you would like this printer, please order from Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4545 DTWF.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Why Does My Printer Stop Working When I Run Out Of Colour Ink?

Why Does My Printer Stop Working When I Run Out Of Colour Ink?

This is a very annoying situation. Your urgent document needs to be printed but the printer will not print a monochrome document when the black cartridge has lots of ink left in it.

Why does this happen?

What can I do to get this document printed? Read the full Squidoo article at: Why My Printer Won't Print When the Colour Runs Out

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Epson Printers, Free Extended Warranty!

Epson WorkForce Pro Printers - Free Extended Warranty

Welcome to our new, our first ever, blog!

We want everyone to know that Epson are allowing customers who buy Epson WorkForce Pro printers or the WorkForce A3+ printers to claim a free three year warranty!

These printers are designed for small to medium business users but are suitable for any customers that print a reasonable amount of printouts.

How to Claim

It is simple to claim, all you need to do is pick your qualifying Epson Workforce printer from this list. Then, you need to claim from Epson who will confirm your extended warranty!

This really is very simple!

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