Thursday, 18 June 2015

5 Reasons to Buy Initiative Stationery Products

The Initiative brand of stationery has a range of the most popular supplies for any office environment. Here are some reasons why you should buy Initiative over competitors. Initiative Storage Boxes
  1. Brand of the Year 2014
    It isn't easy to win brand of the year awards in the stationery industry with so many other competitors, so this award shows their quality.
  2. Value for Money
    Although brand of the year is important, the Initiative stationery is still a low price office supplies choice. Quality is not sacrificed, even at these low prices.
  3. A Trusted Brand
    Only industry leading manufacturers that achieve the highest standard of quality control, social and environmental responsibility are allowed to manufacture for Initiative. The result is a trusted, quality brand.
  4. The Range
    The large range covers the most basic office needs. From paper to envelopes, first aid kits, cleaning supplies and even calculators are included. The ideal brand to use in your office, topped up with branded products for when you need more specialised items.
  5. Branding
    After a rebranding, Initiative looks good in any office. When your customers see your filing system of lever arch files and box files, are they dull and boring or bright and professional? With a white and blue logo, Initiative stands out.
The Initiative range of stationery can be bought from OfficePad at discounted prices.

Monday, 9 March 2015

New Web Design for

I can't believe how long it is since I last blogged on this site. It only seems like yesterday but when I look, it was many months ago.

A lot has happened in that time. We've added the brilliant Initiative range of stationery to our website, we've been sending out catalogues for you to browse and we've redesigned the look of the website for

As if our prices are not low enough, there are now quantity discounts on our site for a range of products. These can be mixed and matched so you are not forced to take large quantities of one product line. On top of these we have had many products on sale.

The homepage is radically different and has many add to basket buttons for the most common stationery to make things easy for you.

Payment methods have been changed. There is still the traditional credit and debit card option plus PayPal. Now, you can choose to pay by proforma invoice. It's simple. Place your order on our website, selecting the proforma invoice option when it asks how you want to pay. Print off the invoice that is displayed and emailed to you and then arrange a bank transfer to us using the information supplied on the invoice. Then, we deliver. It could not be easier!

New Products

There are some exciting new products and some surprising too.

For your iPhone or iPad, we have added some of the Adonit Jot Script Stylus Pens. These are ideal for writing, drawing or high precision work for when your finger just isn't quite as accurate as the small point on these pens. With handwriting recognition, bluetooth connection and free apps from Adonit, these pens are amazing quality.

Other brands have been added including Always which was a product we had never thought about selling before. However, sanitary products certainly go alongside other janitorial supplies we sell on our virtual shop.

We even have the VAT correct as these products do not have the full level of VAT added to the price.

Free Gifts

If your order qualifies, you may be entitled to a free gift from our website. There is a large range to choose from and batteries, tea, coffee and office sundries can be chosen. Yes, you choose the gift. The more you spend on your order, the larger the range of gifts you can select from.

A lot of changes to improve your experience with OfficePad have been made and we hope to see you ordering from us soon.

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